What's Cancelled Wednesday 9/16/20

Some of these people are still revered as heroes, but they're not. Watch who you idolize, because these former stars are cancelled!

1. Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang failed to achieve his goal of universal basic income, but he also barely even tried. How did he have such a poor presidential run when his entire platform was focused on redistributing wealth? I’ll answer that. It’s because he tried to be sneaky by calling it “universal basic income”. If he had just come right out and said he wanted communism, so many more democrats would have been supportive. It’s just like Bernie Sanders calling it “democratic” socialism. We don’t want that, we want real socialism.

2. Josef Stalin. How can we not cancel the man responsible for killing more communists than anyone in history? Josef Stalin had a vision, but he did not live up to it. By starving his people, he deprived the world of their best shot at achieving real communism. Good try, Stalin, but you’re cancelled.

3. Fidel Castro. Fidel did what Stalin couldn’t. He established Communism and he made it work. He turned Cuba into a utopia where everyone has jobs and food and all its citizens had to do was obey the government entirely. He even jailed those stupid capitalists who tried to ruin his system. Castro’s problem is that he failed to share it with the rest of the world. You can’t just sit on an island and not share. Sharing is what communism is all about.