What’s Cancelled Wednesday 10/21/20

Fake news is real and it’s time for it to be cancelled. This week we’re cancelling two big sources of fake news; one for shilling for the right, the other for accidentally over stepping it’s bounds on censorship.

1. The New York Times. I cannot believe the New York Times published that article accusing Hunter Biden of all those crimes! They are just right-wing shills for the Republicans. Or wait, is that the New York Post? I forget, whatever. Cancel all of them!

2. Twitter. Twitter failed us this weekend. After years of helping push our new world order, they overstepped their bounds and censored the New York Post’s story and now those fascists Republicans are going to come after Twitter! Twitter should’ve just shadow-banned the story like they always do. Biden would be up by a million if they would just be more subtle in their censorship.