What’s Cancelled Wednesday 10/07/20

This week features an additional cancellation, but when there's still racists out there thinking they can adopt babies, you gotta cancel what you gotta cancel.

1. Adoption. I get it, you can’t have kids, or you see a poor, sad baby whose mother left and you feel like adopting is the right thing to do. Well you’re wrong! How dare you think you can just help some child in need by raising them yourself. Maybe they don’t want you to be their parent. The way I see it, if they’re old enough to choose their gender, they’re old enough to choose their parents, and they didn’t choose you!

2. Abortion. Did you know that abortion is the #1 killer of black babies every year? More than 28% of all black pregnancies end in abortion and African-American babies comprise 36% of all abortions. This genocide needs to stop. Abortion must be cancelled.

3. Single-motherhood. Single-motherhood is terrible for children. By all accounts, children raised in single-parent households grow up to be less successful than children raised with two parents. Do you even care about the children? Cancel single-motherhood.

4. The nuclear family. Two parent households are so old-school. Single parents can raise children just fine. A woman doesn’t need a man in her life to be successful. Anyone who says otherwise is a fascist that wants to oppress women and single-mothers. The nuclear family is just like the Handmaid’s Tale, and I can’t even fathom people who think it’s okay in this day and age.