What’s Cancelled Wednesday 08/19/20

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

This is a new column to tell you what's cancelled and what's okay. This week, we've got three cancellations, but there's so so so much more. Don't think just because you distance yourself from these things that you're in the clear. But hopefully, with this column, we can steer you away from the worst pitfalls.

1. Sharks. “Bull” sharks? More like bull-s***. "Bull" is a male-centric word and we are not about perpetuating the patriarchy. How about "nurse" sharks? They named a docile shark after a profession predominantly made up of women? That sounds sexist too. And I will not even get started on “Great White” sharks. Let’s just check the privilege at the door and admit that sharks are 1000% cancelled.

2. Copper. Alright, first off, it has “cop” in the name and that’s out for obvious reasons. We do not want to be associated with cops in any way. Second, copper is used to make pennies, the currency of poor people. Do you think billionaires or politicians with second homes like Bernie Sanders use pennies? No. They haven’t touched them in years. It’s time for the working class to rise up. Copper is cancelled.

3. The Color Orange. This was cancelled long ago, but since this is the inaugural What’s Cancelled Wednesday post, we’ll add it. Donald Trump is orange therefore, orange is cancelled. Orange man bad. Enough said. Best not to mix yellow and red for now on. Just keep them separate.