Vermilion City cheers as Team Rocket boots out Officer Jenny

VERMILION CITY, KANTO – Officer Jenny of Kanto PD was unceremoniously removed from her post by Team Rocket over the weekend. The decision came at the height of region-wide protests to defund the police.

The last few weeks has seen acts of civil disobedience sweeping the city. Protestors blocked the road with a giant sleeping Snorlax and kneeled for the theme song.

“Get rid of rare candy drug charges,” shouted Youngster Joey, as he joined some Bug Catchers in tipping over the Mew truck in the harbor. “Leave our city, you dirty Piloswine!”

Taking advantage of the chaos, Team Rocket looted the PokeMart, commandeered the S.S. Anne, and established what they call the “Kanto Organized Protest,” or “KOP” to stand against police brutality. 

In a press conference, Vermilion Gym Leader, Lieutenant Surge, acknowledged the evils of his city’s police department and turned law enforcement over to Team Rocket boss, Giovani. Surge, a six-foot-five blond stereotype and army veteran known as “The Electric American,” has been heavily criticized for his patriotism.

At press, Team Rocket has stolen all of the Vermilion public’s Pokemon. But sources say the people are just happy to have free healthcare at the PokeCenter. 

UPDATE: The PokeCenter has burned to the ground.