Uighur Muslims in China take knee for BLM: “The Americans are truly oppressed”

Thousands of Uighur Muslims this week took a knee to protest police brutality in America. Production in the Xinjiang Apple plant halted completely yesterday during the protest.

Protest leaders cited excessive police brutality, an economic system that breaks up families and a failing education system as the reason for their protest. “People say we are oppressed, but after reading about the plight of Americans like Colin Kaepernick, we understand that it is the Americans who are truly oppressed. We cannot stand by as the American system allows these injustices to continue” said Uighur leader Salih Mutellip, who was then dragged off by Chinese authorities to be beaten and sent to a “reeducation” camp.

Apple said the hiccup in production would not affect quarterly production numbers and also that they stand by Black Lives Matter.