Trump Refuses To Play Barbies With Pelosi Because She Won’t Play Hotwheelz With Him

Washington, DC - President Donald Trump has issued a statement to the press saying that he refuses to play Barbies with Speaker Nancy Pelosi because she will not play Hotwheelz with him.

The statement came as no shock to the press who are used to this kind of quarreling between POTUS and the Speaker of the House. In the words of  White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, “These two go at it all the time. He’s pouting in the Oval Office. She’s giving him the silent treatment. Just another day around here.”

The last time they played together, she reportedly agreed to play Hotwheelz with him if he would play Barbies with her first. He claims that he played Barbies, but she wouldn’t play Hotwheelz. Her sources say it was the other way around. The world may never know the truth.

The two are now sitting together in timeout where they have been forced to share an oversized t-shirt that says “I love you.” They will not be released until they choose to hug and apologize and dessert will be withheld indefinitely.

The President commented, “She’s mean and I don’t like her. She lies all the time. She’s a dumb-face.” Speaker Pelosi is currently working on a comeback which will reportedly contain some version of “stupid-head.”