• Tom Baker

Top 10 Halloween movies to watch with your toddler

  1. "It" - Follow the adventures of a clown who comes to a town to befriend the local children. He even gives away free balloons!

  2. "Annabelle" - A darling doll passed down for generations is remarkably lifelike.

  3. "A Quiet Place" - Fun and educational picture. Kids will be entertained while learning the importance of being seen, but not heard. A rarity these days: no foul language for parents to worry about!

  4. "The Shining" - A kid finds adventure riding his bike through a lavish ski lodge. He even makes friends with twin girls who live there as well.

  5. "Frankenstein" - One goofy scientist moves to a new town. He has trouble meeting friends there, so he decides to make one instead. A great lesson for us all: always be nice to the weird kid.

  6. "Night of the Living Dead" - One zany round of tag!

  7. "Signs" - A classic game of red light, green light... with a neat rural twist. It will also help your kids learn about the plight of the American farmer trying to adjust to a global agricultural economy.

  8. "Silence of the Lambs" - A kooky Doctor shows us the importance of valuing everyone for the skin that they come in.

  9. "Chucky" - If your kids liked Toy Story, they'll love this one!

  10. Honorable Mention: "The Twilight Zone: To Serve Man" - This episode of the classic series teaches kids the importance of being helpful in the kitchen. All you need is a cookbook to get started! A great idea with Christmas right around the corner.