Nation on edge of seat to see if we have to keep wearing masks

UNITED STATES - Citizens across the nation are waiting anxiously to find out whether or not they have to keep wearing masks.

The principle is simple - if Donald Trump and the Republican Party win this election, all masks are off. But if Joe Biden and the Democrats pull it off, you better get used to saying “trick or treat”, because masks are here to stay.

In reality, however, even if Trump should happen to win, there is still the possibility that a blue wave could take over the Senate as well as dominating the house. If this should happen, legislation could manage to enforce a mask mandate somehow.

One way or another, the people just want to know whether or not they have to keep laundering their masks or if they need to get back to brushing their teeth and shaving.

Kentucky resident Maxwell Barnes commented, “the people have a right to know. And it’s just like our government to keep us in the dark on issues like this.” He also stated he is interested find out who will become president, because “that could be important too.”