Statler and Waldorf review the Presidential Debates

Cleveland, OH - Muppet mockers Statler and Waldorf enjoyed balcony seats at the first presidential debate between the hopeful Joe Biden and the incumbent Donald Trump. The Penguin got the exclusive.

“I thought it was riveting!” exclaimed Waldorf. “Which part?” inquired Statler. “The part where they had rivet me to the chair!” The geriatric duo threw their heads back in uproarious laughter.

When asked about his thoughts on the candidates themselves, Statler proclaimed, “They might as well have put the two of us up there.” “Yeah, but then they would have had a real debate to moderate,” Waldorf snapped back. The elderly puppets once again erupted into laughter.

The musty puppets continued to guffaw incessantly, interrupted only by Trump repeatedly.

Finally, Waldorf commented, “Joe Biden is the Democratic Party? And I thought my parties were boring!” Both hecklers once again burst into hysterics.

What was the highlight for them? “The whole thing was great,” Statler declared. “Best nap I’ve ever had!”