Scandal: Local Woman Posted Two Separate ‘I Voted’ Selfies

Post Falls, ID - Local woman Angela Marias is under severe scrutiny by the social media community as she posted two separate selfies with the hashtag "#ivoted".

     The first photo was shared to Facebook and Instagram, but the second was posted to Twitter. Her Facebook account showed her with an "I Voted" sticker covering her eye, while the Tweet featured a sticker on her forehead.

     "I try to keep those accounts separate," Marias explained. "I typically compartmentalize my Facebook friends and Twitter friends, but I guess someone fell through the cracks." Questions began flooding the comment section about how many times she voted. 

     "I voted once," proved to be too vague an answer for various women named Karen who interrogated her. "Do you mean 'I only voted once' or 'I voted once two times' Angie?" Karen Jones inquired with a myriad of emojis and "Friends" gifs.

     Both Facebook and Twitter have hidden Angela's posts per their misinformation policies. She has declined to comment any further on the issue and refuses to directly answer any accusations. "#angela" is now trending for anyone caught double-posting their voting selfies.

     In other news, a local man failed to post any voting selfie whatsoever. It is believed he could not possibly have voted at all. This spurred Trump and Biden to personally contact the man as one of only an estimated 1000 uncast votes left who also did not post selfies.