Right Twix conducts smear campaign on Left Twix

CLEVELAND, Tenn. - The Right Twix factory was recently caught in an active smear campaign against the Left Twix factory.

Customers began noticing about a week ago that their left Twix bars did not have the signature ripple along the top. The first few complaints did not raise much attention, but when word reached Left Twix CEO Carmen Graham the corporate espionage began.

It was soon discovered that Right Twix had infiltrated Left Twix’s factory in order to smear their bars just before packaging. The discovery was made via infiltrated emails set up on a private server which has mysteriously disappeared.

Right Twix CEO Lars Mars issued a statement declaring “we have not done anything to interfere with Left Twix. Their work speaks for itself. Our work speaks for itself. I do, however, wonder if the good people of the world are aware of Left Twix’s dealings with Russian candy company Krasny Oktyabr?”

Support for Right Twix is up twenty three percent at the press time.


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