How would you like to win a FREE CORONA CRUISE for the whole family?

You will cruise onboard the beautiful SARS Princess, so give those hands a washin thar maitees and come on up to the Lido Deck.

Start this party out with some Hazmat line dancing where partners will pair up for choreographed oral swabs followed by singing till your lungs hurt at Covid Karaoke! Then stop by the all you can eat facemask buffet. Who needs a sneeze guard, we’ve got you covered!

The fun’s just begun as you shoot over to our newly remodeled and fumigated Copa Corona Theater for a raucous midnight round of our improvisational favorite, “Whose plague is it anyway?”

Still want to laugh? Shoot on over to the CDC Lounge for our current headliners, Dr Fauci opening for Bill de Blasio. These two pre-tested and fully vaccinated comedians will make you laugh so hard you’ll need a ventilator. Trust me, these guys kill every night!

Still awake? Top the evening off knocking down 10 pins in our late night alley "e-BOWL-a," or see if you can improve your luck with our classic favorite, Bubonic BINGO!

So come on over to Royalcarnawegaribbean Cruise lines where the excitement is infectious! Act now, because time is literally running out, and these prices have already gone viral!

(Disclaimer: There are no free cruises. Wash your hands, you degenerates.)