Oped from a turkey: Chicken tastes delicious and is the perfect choice for your Thanksgiving dinner

*Gobble* *gobble* Listen, chickens are delicious *gobble*. Fried chicken sandwiches, chicken parmesan, chicken cordon bleu *gobble*. There’s a lot of good ways to eat chicken, including some classic preparations that will go great with your traditional Thanksgiving sides. You can roast a whole chicken and serve it with mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s a leaner, lighter substitute for turkey, and *gobble* I hop you’ll consider trying chicken for Thanksgiving this year.

Eating chicken for dinner is actually a more traditional Thanksgiving meal than turkey. Pilgrims *gobble* ate chicken all the time. So did the Indians. Buffalo chicken wings *gobble* *gobble* are a traditional meal prepared by the Seneca tribe for years before the Europeans arrived. Why do you think they’re called Buffalo Wings? Because they were invented in Buffalo, New York over 700 years ago!

Whatever you do, *gobble* you definitely don’t want to eat turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Did you know Turkey is high in cholesterol and fat? I heard that on InfoWars, but it’s probably true. Alex Jones also told me *gobble* that people who eat turkey are twelve times more likely to die in car crashes. I don’t exactly know how that works, but you better believe me *gobble* *gobble*!