“Nursing Homies” Opens First Assisted Living Center for Retiring Rappers

Gangster rappers have always faced problems from the difficulties associated with trying to achieve fame and fortune to rival street gangs. But a new problem has begun to emerge: retirement.

Rapper Dwayne Carter Jr., who goes by the stage name ‘Lil Wayne’ is only 38 years old, but the artist has been “getting’ dat young money, baby” since he was only 12. Now after years of “slingin’ cash money and gettin’ mad b****es” he faces numerous health complications from decades of drug use and STDs which have forced him into an early retirement.

To cope with the retirement, many of these rappers have chosen to reside in a communal living facility. “Nursing Homies” opened last month outside Miami and will house numerous rappers with stories similar to Mr. Carter’s including 25-year-old rappers ‘Lil Uzi Vert’ and ‘Post Malone,' who described the facility as “dope as hell."

As expected, the cost of living is high. A single bedroom apartment costs upwards of $6,000 per month. Additional amenities such as marijuana room service, or in-house escorts run extra. However, the new facility does offer some exclusive amenities including a tattoo parlor, hookah bar, and a swimming pool with “the hottest honeys in town."

Find out more during the upcoming exclusive expose on MTV Cribs.


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