Mike Pence, Tulsi Gabbard double-team Kamala Harris in VP Debate

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Vice presidential debate organizers have instituted a new rule allowing each candidate to have a tag-team partner in their corner for tonight’s debate. Moderator and WWE Smackdown mega-fan, Susan Page suggested the idea last week.

Vice President Mike Pence has chosen Representative Tulsi Gabbard as his partner. Representative Gabbard laid an absolute smack-down on Senator Kamala Harris in the primaries that led to her eventual exit from the race. The duo hopes pairing Vice President Pence’s statesmanship with Representative Gabbard’s fire will cause Senator Harris to drop out once again.

Senator Harris has chosen Hillary Clinton as her partner for the debate. The Harris-Biden Campaign is hoping to paint Senator Harris in a more favorable light by appearing alongside the only politician less likable than herself.