McDonald’s unveils “Peaceful Protest” Happy Meal toys

CHICAGO, Ill. - McDonald’s has made waves with their new fall Happy Meal toy line-up. The fast-food chain has once again proven they are leading the industry in responding to consumer demand for more politics in every day life.

Spokesman, Charlie Cunningham told reporters, “The new toys will not only be fun, but will teach kids about the governmental process and encourage them to exercise their first amendment rights. We at McDonald's encourage all children to learn how to peacefully petition the government for change.”

The new toys were designed to appeal to all genders as well as non-binary children. The set will include a plastic Molotov cocktail, mini riot shield, 4 oz spray-paint can, adjustable children’s gas mask, and a kid-sized brick for throwing. The new happy meals will also include instructions on how to turn the box into a picket sign.

The new line of toys has so far been received positively. Parents Michael and Jazz Hayward seemed thrilled. “We have been trying to find a way to get our three-year-old more interested in politics, but all he wants to do is play with trucks,” said Michael, “We’re taking him with us to our nightly protest again and he seems really excited to smash something with his mini-brick McDonald’s toy.”

The family stated that they are boycotting Burger King for its non-anti-racist toy selection and its promotion of the patriarchy.

This has been a sponsored ad by ANTIFA and McDonald's. "McDonald's... I'm burning it."