McDonald’s introduces McTrash Burger made From Actual Garbage

Chicago, IL - Fast food giant McDonald's just introduced their answer to Burger King's Impossible Burger - the McTrash Burger.

      The McTrash is made entirely from recycled materials from an actual McDonald's dumpster. "We were trying to figure out how to one-up the King," said McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski explaining the process of thought behind the innovation. "We added the element of recycling because we know our customers are very concerned about the environment and we have a lot of cow farts haunting us."

      Interestingly, no two McTrash Burgers are alike. Each one is made for a unique dining experience that will lead to an even more unique intestinal reaction later. At first, employees left the ingredients in the indoor trash cans, but after customer reviews, they discovered that "dumpster stank" added another dimension to the already mind-bending concoction.

      Customers have offered mixed receptions to the McTrash. Cincinnati patron Scott Martinelli raved about his experience. "This is why I keep coming back to McDonald's. They never cease to surprise me. Will the ice cream machine work today? Will the soda machine run out of carbonation in the middle of filling my drink? Will another employee get replaced with a machine? It's something new every time."

      Other customers reacted with gagging sounds and vomiting. One man took it so far as to give his sandwich away to a homeless man who, in turn, gave it to a dog who dropped it in order to consume his own feces instead.

      At the time of reporting, it has also been rumored Wendy's is working on something called "the Barkonator" made from tree bark.