Kamala Harris hid evidence exonerating puppy

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris has come under sever scrutiny after evidence was uncovered that while serving as Attorney General of California, she hid evidence proving the innocence of Lulu, the 10-week old puppy given a life term without parole for chewing on a shoe.

The facts of the case were murky, and the sentencing harsh. In March of 2016, Lulu stood accused of chewing on Mrs. Chambers’ new shoes, leaving bite-marks in the soles. 7-year-old defense attorney, Molly Chambers, defended her pupper unsuccessfully. Media outlets blamed the defeat on her inexperience as a lawyer and previous losses such as in the high-profile case, Chambers v. Chambers, where Molly unsuccessfully defended herself against accusations of stealing her brother’s Halloween candy. However, newly uncovered records show that Molly may have been fighting an unwinnable battle.

The documents allege then Attorney General Kamala Harris knowingly hid evidence from the young Ms. Chambers during the trial. Senator Harris, who has also previously hidden evidence that could exonerate death row inmate Kevin Cooper, directly oversaw the prosecution of Lulu. As Attorney General of California, she personally intervened to prevent Lulu and Molly from accessing critical data that proved the bite marks on were too small even for Lulu’s baby puppy teeth.

The new evidence is expected to clear Lulu’s name. A re-trial is scheduled for April 13th. In either case, she is scheduled for release from Golden State Puppy Penitentiary in December.

Lulu's original sentence was a life term, but after over 30 dog-years in prison, she has been granted parole for being a “good girl."