Kamala Harris Happy to be Sitting for Debate Since She Stands for Nothing

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Senator Kamala Harris entered the vice presidential debate stage with a big smile on her face and a sigh of relief as she saw two socially distant desks. "Thank God it's not a podium" said the vice presidential candidate before a democratic debate operative cut off her microphone. The comment surprised many in attendance, mostly because they thought the Senator didn't believe in God.

Senator Harris has often derided podiums as she vastly prefers sitting for most occasions. In fact, Senator Harris is notorious for standing for absolutely nothing. She doesn't stand for the national anthem. She definitely doesn't stand for debates.

She doesn't even stand for anything in the figurative sense, having backtracked on banning fracking, the green new deal, and packing the supreme court all in fewer than 30 minutes.

Vice President Pence seemed unfazed by the debate setup. While he stands for America and principles, unlike Kamala Harris, he is also the sitting Vice President.