Joe Biden announces Greta Thunberg will head Climate Change Task Force

Joe Biden's Basement, Delaware - Joe Biden has been hard at work assembling his transition team. Just today, he named yet another cabinet member. Greta Thunberg, noted climate expert and the least popular child in her high school class will take over as the newly created Secretary of Climate Change. She will also head the administration’s climate change task force, which will decide which green energies to subsidize and develop plans to reduce oil and gas job by as much as possible.

At the announcement, Joe Biden told reporters, “I just know she’s going to be the perfect person for the job. First off, her hair smells great, and second, I heard she did really well on her book report on Fahrenheit 451. Never read it myself, but I hear it’s a good book” The President-elect appears to have full confidence in the young leader, despite her inexperience and lack of expertise in any field, let alone climate change.

Ms. Thunberg seems up to the challenge, adeptly batting down criticism and avoiding answering questions like a trained democrat. One reporter asked what qualifications she had for the job, but she swiftly responded with a curt, “How dare you!”


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