“I grew up around guns,” says liberal anti-gun activist who’s cousin once thought about being a cop

Meet Jenny Willoughby. Kale is a 28-year-old 5th year student at UC Berkley studying Fashion History. In her free time, she likes reading comic books, watching The Bachelor, and sipping mimosas on her balcony with her friends, but she’s more than just a student, Jenny is also a political activist. Her number one issue right now is guns.

“I grew up around guns,” Jenny told The Penguin, “My mom bought me nerf guns for Christmas and I’ve seen every Star Wars movie. Technically the guns in Star Wars are called ‘blasters’ but whatever. I think it’s safe to said that I was raised in a gun friendly household. My dad even used to own a gun, but he sold it before I was born.”

She continued, “Guns are like a really big issue for me because I was watching the news and I saw that someone got shot only like 15 miles from where I live and I’m sitting there like, that could be me!” Jenny started doing research on guns shortly after and she did not like what she found. “I called my cousin up because he wanted to be a police officer when we were growing up and I asked him some stuff. He told me about this thing called a gun-show loophole where you can buy a gun without a background check and I was literally shaking while I was on the phone.”

But Jenny isn’t just interested in talking about the issues. She is actively spreading the word in support of gun legislation. She spends hours on her blog each week writing articles and comments hoping to change people’s minds. And she has big plans for the future too. “Once we tackle gun control, my next issue is going to be fracking. I saw a YouTube video about how bad fracking is, so it’s safe to say I know what I’m talking about,” she said.