Hunter Biden Hires Hillary Clinton to help delete his emails

Hunter Biden, the 50-year-old recovering crack addict and son of the former Vice President found himself in hot water recently… again. After a computer surfaced with emails concerning his dealings with the Burisma Holding company, Hunter Biden has found himself caught in a web of lies and fraud. He has no choice now but to reach out for professional help and he may just have found his ex Machina: Hillary Clinton.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer announced they would be putting Mrs. Clinton on retainer, and released the following statement, “When you find yourself backed into a corner like Hunter, you need the best the world has to offer, and when it comes to deleting emails and sweeping things under the rug, well, Hillary Clinton is the best.”

It’s a good thing Hillary Clinton is the best and it’s a good thing that she’s on his side. Hunter has dug himself a deep hole with his latest scandal. This one is much bigger than his sketchy $3.5 million wire transfer from China, and worse than when he got kicked out of the Navy for doing cocaine. It’s even worse than the scandal surrounding his illegitimate child in Arkansas. This one implicates his father, Joe Biden and at just the wrong time. Luckily, putting Hillary Clinton on retainer should help clear his name quickly and efficiently. After all, she is the queen of making scandals disappear.


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