Hulu's new Hillary Clinton series will premiere exclusively on Clinton's private servers

Clinton home, Chappaqua, N.Y. - Streaming platform Hulu optioned the rights to a new “historical” series being produced by America’s humble, disgruntled servant Hillary Clinton, about herself.

Having never shared her thoughts on the results of the 2016 election, Clinton shared at a press conference for the series, “Now’s my time to let the world know my true feelings about Donald Trump, and what should’ve - I mean, could’ve been.” In a surprise move for Hulu, CEO Randy Freer shared that the series will premiere exclusively on Clinton’s private email servers on August 10th, 2021.

“We plan to keep the show on her servers for a minimum of 13 hours before the global release.” Freer shared with the press. “Clinton’s servers are a perfect home for this series, as it’s about her and all of her accomplishments.”

Pundits say that the move could hurt initial viewing of the show, and analysts say that there’s a good chance that literally nobody other than Clinton herself will be able to watch.

Other than the announcement, details remain scarce about the plot of the show. Some asking questions at the conference speculated casting rumors, including Hillary Clinton playing herself, and Hillary playing every other character she comes into contact with.

“I want people to see the true me - who I was born to be.” Clinton remarked.

Others say Tom Hanks is in the running to play Bill, who was not at the event, due to a meeting at Little Saint James in the Virgin Islands.