Gina Carano to pilot “Womandalorian” series for Daily Wire

Nashville, Tenn. - Former “Mandalorian” star Gina Carano is reportedly set to pilot a series for Daily Wire after being removed from the Disney+ space drama.

The new series, called “The Womandalorian” focuses on a female member of a warrior clan and is set in the distant past of a solar system many light years from here. While many would speculate that this synopsis sounds a little too similar to that of her former Disney show, Carano insists, “it totally isn’t. And if anyone wants to argue that point, they can either fight me or debate Ben Shapiro.”

“Ben (Shapiro) and I are going to work really closely together,” she continued. “I’m helping him with some neighborhood bully kids and he is teaching me how to debate instead of just punching people I disagree with. He will also play a character on the show. He will be the employer of my character who is an alien assassin.”

Shapiro commented that “it’s about time we had some quality conservative content that doesn’t just copy what liberal Hollywood does. All of our characters will be straight and monotonous the way God intended. Our stories will be unique and original, and absolutely not like other things that we don’t like. If you think I am wrong, you are probably a leftist idiot who says ‘orange man bad’.”

As for “The Mandalorian”, Disney representatives have stated that they are at all worried about the future of the show without Carano. “We have the most strong female characters ever featured on a series like this. We set the woke bar for feminism and workplace equality by getting rid of bigoted radicals like her and giving second chances to wealthy male repeat offenders.”