FINALLY: “King of the Hill is just Texas anime,” Mike Judge admits

AUSTIN, Tex. - In a TED talk, "King of the Hill" creator, Mike Judge, finally admitted that the beloved show is actually just "Texas anime."

"There is no reason to hide it any more," said Judge in an oddly dramatic fashion, his lips moving cheaply and out of sync with the dub, "I knew one day the world would know the truth... that my passion project is actually the greatest anime ever created."

Judge delivered the quote with a great shout and pointed fiercely, the background pulsating with color and light, giving seizures to all of the small children in the audience.

The 13 season series, which ran from 1997 to 2010 focused on the adventures of protagonist Hank Hill, a most honorable salesman of propane and propane accessories, on his quest to defend his hometown of Arlen, Texas from stupidity and government overreach.

He is joined by his wife Peggy, two-time winner of Subsitute Teacher of the Year Award and son, Bobby, who "just ain't right." Also featured in various arcs is his loyal alley crew, Army Sergeant Barber Bill, anti-government soldier of fortune, Dale, and silver-tongued lady's man, Boomhauer.

"The episode I was most proud of actually never aired," said Judge, "Hank and Bobby discover an ancient Texas amulet at the Alamo that unleashes Davy Crockett from his 150 year slumber, except this time he takes the form of a sexy school-girl who is also a dragon sometimes. Crockett-senpai takes the gang down to Mexico on a flying pirate ship where they exchange violent energy beams with American traitor Benedict Arnold until Hank kicks his ass back to the shadow-realm."

Judge declined to comment on his other famous anime, "Beavis and Butthead," claiming that the manga was better.