Fighting Fire with Fire: Antifa Rioters Throw Molotovs at California Wildfires

Calif. - Antifa members showed their commitment to protecting their communities recently when hundreds assembled to help control the wildfires raging across California. These Antifa “firefighters” aimed to fight fire with fire, literally.

Mandy Smith, a San Bernardino Antifa Firefighter, said, “As Antifa firefighters, we do our best to protect our community. Sometimes that means throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers, starting small scale fires in government buildings, or hitting local businesses with scorched earth tactics. Now we’re just taking those skills and helping our community once again by tossing makeshift firebombs into the forest.”

Media coverage has been supportive of the rioters. CNN news anchor, Chris Cuomo reported on the situation last night. The anchor said, “You know, we’ve been trying to fight these fires with water for years and where has that gotten us? Nowhere. I support their effort. It’s time we tried something different for a change.”

Within two hours of arriving, the Antifa firefighters had been pushed back over 2 miles by the advancing flames. Shortly thereafter, more protesters joined the group, carrying banners reading “defund forest fires”. A few screamed for a “medic” and to “call the police” after a green-haired protester burned her finger lighting one of the molotovs.