FBI Accidentally Shredded 6,000,000 Pages of Documents

WASHINGTON - The FBI has admitted that it accidentally shredded over six million pages of documents since the start of 2020. The revelation comes just days after the FBI released documents showing agents assigned to Robert Mueller’s investigation team accidentally wiped at least 27 cell phones in the course of their investigation. This is another blemish on an agency already under heavy scrutiny.

The documents were said to have been mostly clerical and were set to be shredded anyways, but there were at least one million top secret documents and more than half were labeled confidential. An anonymous source disclosed that some of the accidentally shredded papers pertained to the top secret “Operation Kaleidoscope” which investigated Canadian interference in the 2016 presidential election. There were no digital backups of the files related to that operation.

FBI director Christopher Wray has called the destruction a “mistake” and apologized profusely for the error. “This is a major black eye for the Bureau and we want to assure the public that it will not happen again,” he said, “The FBI, like any organization, makes mistakes, but we learn from them and we grow from them. Our promise to the American public is that from now on, when we destroy information, it will be purposeful and planned.”