Family buys tiny home in excellent tiny school district

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Klein family recently purchased their 300 square foot, $600,000 dream house in Lilliputia, Portland’s premiere tiny-home neighborhood.

“There’s just something simple and freeing about downsizing our lives,” said mother, Alice, watching television on the family’s new 22 inch HD-TV while eating Little Bites muffins and drinking mini bottles of chardonnay. “We’re able to do all of our shopping at the strip mall just down the road, in the petite section of J.C. Penney’s.”

Alice’s husband, David, is microbiologist at the local children’s hospital. He claims that his favorite part of the tiny home lifestyle is the close proximity to Portland’s hottest nooks.

“Sometimes we’ll just pile up the family into the Mini Cooper and grab a pint at our favorite small plates restaurant in Little Italy,” said David, powering down his I-pod Nano after mowing a single square foot of lawn, “We even bring along Pierre, our toy poodle.”

Though the amenities are appealing, the Kleins agree that the best part about their new residence is Napoleon Bonaparte Junior High School, rated number one in math and reading and dead last in floorspace.

“Education is the linchpin to success,” said David, “I always tell my boys to dream big.”