Donald Trump wins participation trophy for running a “really good campaign,” but still losing.

Well, the election is over and we finally have a winner. Joe Biden will be president for the next four years, but what about Donald Trump? Don’t worry, the former president and billion dollar real estate mogul will be just fine. In addition to returning to running one of the most successful real estate businesses in the world, he will also receive a very nice participation trophy. The trophy is approximately 7 inches tall and was gifted to him on behalf of the American people for running a really, really good campaign.

The participation trophy is a years-long tradition. All losing presidential candidates have received a participation trophy since Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980. The only exception has been Hillary Clinton, who forfeited her trophy after she was caught cheating.

Donald Trump has announced he will be mailing his trophy to Mrs. Clinton as a reminder that at least he was president for one term.