Democrats Warn COVID-19 Cure Could Be “Multiple Elections Away”

Dr. Fauci gave some disheartening news at his most recent press briefing. The coronavirus expert shattered any hopes that a vaccine would be developed quickly, saying “this coronavirus is complicated and I think it’s just better if we all take our time and develop a vaccine that is safe and reliable. Yes, that means we are likely multiple elections away from a cure, but that’s what we all need to do to stay safe.”

Reporters flogged the doctor with questions. Dr. Fauci explained that the vaccine likely would not be available until democrats held both chambers of Congress and the presidency, however many elections that takes. “It could be one election, it could be as late as 2032,” he said.

Democratic politicians jumped quickly to spread the news. AOC chided Republicans who disagreed saying, “Are you an expert on this? No. You need to listen to the experts.” The former bartender from New York who hasn’t held a real qualification in her life continued, “We need to trust the experts, so trust me on this one. We need to remain locked down and wearing masks until Dr. Fauci says that it’s safe. We need to be vigilant about this until Democrats control the government.”