Democrats caught moving goalposts... again

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Joe Biden was caught red-handed this weekend moving the goalposts at the Jefferson Middle School football field. The democratic presidential nominee was cited by police officers for trespassing and driving under the influence. The sleepy former vice president was said to be taking Ambien at the time of the incident. Mr. Biden was not alone when he was caught. Other democrats including New York governor Andrew Cuomo and Virginia governor Ralph Northam were with him when he was caught.

This is not the first time Mr. Biden and the democrats has been caught moving the goal posts. Mr. Cuomo and many others were accused of moving the goal posts on coronavirus this spring when they claimed the shutdowns were only supposed to last two weeks. Mr. Northam has moved the goalposts many times this year by insisting second amendment protests this past January were a threat to law and order then hand-waving the riots in Richmond this summer. Mr. Biden has moved posts too many times to count, but this is the first time he’s been caught.

Shortly after, Joe Biden gave an official statement responding to the incident. “Come on, man! You know Trump moves the goalposts all the time. Look, I mean, have you seen the Republicans? They can’t even drive a tractor like I can. William Taft could've done it, but not these guys. Geez.”


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