Dairy Queen comes out a trans, changes name to Dairy King

The Dairy King is here and he’s looking fabulous! The ice cream giant just recently came out as trans and has legally changed his name from Dairy Queen to Dairy King. The move turned the marketing world upside down like a well made Blizzard.

People have praised Dairy King for being both stunning and brave. “I always thought Wendy was going to be the first fast-food mascot to come out as trans, so it was a bit of a shock at first,” said long-time customer Andy McDaniel. “When you think about it though, Dairy Queen does have a history of putting sticks on things.”

The move comes alongside a shift in Dairy King’s strategy. The Dairy King plans to revamp their menu, by adding new items such as the “Hot and Sticky White-Chocolate Fudge Creamsicle” and a hotdog with 2 cheeseballs combo plate. Additionally, to celebrate coming out of the closet, Dairy King is running a special deal where customers can get a free banana added onto any ice-cream sundae order.