Critical typo sees Delaware pass gum control legislation

Delaware Governor John Carney just signed a historic bill into law. With the sweep of a pen, Delaware now has the strictest gum control laws in history. No municipality has more extensive restrictions on where you can buy, carry, or use gum in the entire world, even Singapore.

The law forbids anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing gum (even sugar free). Felons, sex offenders, and parolees are also forbidden from purchase. Even those legally allowed to buy gum must undergo a 2-week waiting period and pass a background check before the purchase is allowed to be finalized.

If you think you can get around the restrictions, think again. Online sales of all gum must go through a licensed gum dealer. Private sales of gum have been completely eliminated too.

Even once residents purchase gum, they face a number of additional restrictions. All gum must be stored in a locked container and remain out of reach of children. Residents must undergo a 40-hour course on gum safety before carrying gum outside of their private property. And if you want to have gum concealed on your person, you must undergo an additional practical chewing test at your local police station or gum range.

On top of all this, the legislation also places restrictions on gum accessories. High-capacity packs, which hold more than 10 sticks of gum, are banned from purchase. Additionally, anyone currently in possession of a high capacity pack of gum is required to turn it in immediately to the police or risk becoming a felon.

Residents are having a tough time digesting the new law. Local gum enthusiast, Martin Creighton, is leading the charge against the law. “I have a constitutional right to chew gum and I’ll defend that right to until the day I die. If the government doesn’t like it, I have an AR-15 that’ll stop them.”