COVID19 Originated At First Thanksgiving - Op Ed by Revisionist Historian, Ira Maverick

Hi there! Revisionist historian, Ira Maverick here with a Thanksgiving message for you!

      The debate about the origins of the novel coronavirus has fizzled out over the months, but not for the reason you might think. The truth is that the barbaric pilgrims of Plymouth Rock set up the first Thanksgiving feast as a way to infect the native tribes with COVID19.

      Don’t believe me? Look at pictures from the first Thanksgiving. No masks. No gloves. No social distancing. We all know that large gatherings of mixed family groups are super-spreaders. One doesn’t have to be a high school graduate to know that this was all a setup.

      Native Americans were notoriously susceptible to infectious disease. Combine that with the knowledge that the white Christian man obviously hated aborigines and you have both method and motive. No need for speculation with such damning evidence.

      The lesson: People who celebrate Thanksgiving hate indigenous peoples. Do you want to be an Indian-hater? I didn’t think so. So if you believe that red lives matter, don’t participate in this barbaric white patriarchal holiday.