CNN Softball Team Protests 0-0 Loss to FOX NEWS

NEW YORK - In an annual softball game between the CNN and FOX News channel on-camera personalities, CNN abruptly left the field after falling behind 0-0 after just 3 innings. An unnamed source indicates that the score was actually 23-0, which was in direct violation of the CNN imposed rules of "no keeping score."

In this unusual game, all CNN batters hit from the left side of the plate, and all FOX batters hit from the right side of the plate, except for infamous switch hitter Geraldo Rivera who changes depending on who is pitching.

"None of us are actually left-handed," reported CNN anchor Don Lemon, "But Trump once hit a baseball right-handed, so we refuse to play his game."

In the second inning, the confrontation boiled over when CNN player, Chris Cuomo charged the mound after Sean Hannity called him “Fredo." He stopped when MMA practitioner Hannity turned his MAGA cap backwards and took off his suit jacket.

CNN finally had enough when FOX guest player, political commentator, Ben Shapiro, playing a slick shortstop, delivered a machine-gun paced verbal tapestry of on-field chatter.

“Hey batter, batter your understanding of the Laffer curve and its impact on economics in general, is completely lacking…swing!" chirped Shapiro.

After just 3 "scoreless" innings, the CNN team left the field, arguing it was a waste of time trying to play a game against such hateful, Trump supporters.

The poor sportsmen refused even to give a “2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate" cheer.