Broke family's ‘Trashy Chic’ Christmas decorations trending on Pinterest

Raleigh, NC - A local family has started the newest trend in Christmas decorating - trashy chic. The basic premise is taking whatever junk you have lying around and turning it into Christmas decor. Upside down tomato cages wrapped in lights become Christmas trees. Random empty boxes wrapped in recycled wrapping paper may not be on your wishlist, but can create a festive aesthetic.

Reagan Monet, the visionary behind the trend, shared how she came up with the new decorating style: “My husband’s hours got cut at work due to Covid, so we haven’t had as much money this year, but that wasn’t going to stop me from decorating. I just looked around and saw that Christmas magic was all around me.”

She went on to share some tips for the rest of us: “Can't afford a tree this year? That's okay. Just chop down  the one in your yard. There are no rules saying it has to be a conifer, either. No wreath? Spray paint that old toilet seat green, hang it on the door, and call it good. That pile of random lumber your husband keeps ‘just in case’? Stick the broads in the ground, wrap them with red and white streamers and boom, you’ve got candy cane poles.”

Monet’s neighbors complained at first, but then “trashy chic” began trending on Pinterest. Now she is lovingly known as that trashy lady down the street. Rumor has it, next year’s Halloween display will be truly horrifying.