Breaking: Joe Biden Chooses Barrack Obama As Running Mate

In a surprise announcement, Joe Biden has selected Barrack Obama as his running mate. The former Vice President will revive what is tied as the second most winningest presidential election ticket in United States history behind Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry A. Wallace, who won three presidential elections together. The move has confused some pundits and Joe Biden fans who were expecting a black women to be his running mate, as he promised to do so during his primary run.

Perhaps the most confused of all is Mr. Biden himself who enthusiastically announced, "Yes. Yes, I accept your nomination to run and serve with Barack Obama, the next president of the United States"

Following the announcement, Biden went directly on the attack by taking a page out of Trumps playbook and criticizing the late Senator John McCain. "Should we trust John McCain’s judgment when he says there can be no timelines to draw down our troops from Iraq. That we must stay indefinitely? No!" Biden shouted.

Mr. Biden then fielded questions from an equally confused crown of reporters before signing off for the evening. MSNBC reporter Levi Twomey lobbed a softball asking for clarification on why Barrack Obama was chosen.

Mr. Biden then responded, "Well I think it's about time we had an African American president and I think Barrack Obama is just perfect for the job. After 8 years of the Bush administration, I think it's time for some change!"

When asked what his plans were about Donald Trump he responded, "Oh, I love The Apprentice. I can't wait for the next season. Donald Trump is a great guy and a great democrat but I'm confused why you're asking this."

Don't worry, Mr. Biden, we're confused too.