Biden vows to bring back McDonald's All Day Breakfast in first 100 days

The Biden administration has already gotten to work. Before even assembling a cabinet, Joe Biden has begun working and prioritizing his agenda for when he takes office. The first item on that agenda is bringing back McDonald’s all day breakfast.

“COVID-19 has hit all of us hard. People across the United States have suffered for too long under this terrible and debilitating virus, but together we can move forward with a solution that will help every American during these unprecedented times. Red States and Blue States alike will be glad to hear that across the entire United States, I am bringing back McDonald’s all day breakfast in my first 100 days in office,” Joe Biden read off his teleprompter before almost losing his dentures biting into a McDouble.

Joe Biden continued his speech promising that Congress will not stand in his way and that if he has to bring back all day breakfast by executive order, he’ll do it. People on both sides of the aisle praised the move. Fox News host Tucker Carlson stated, “We’ve heard the radical left claim that healthcare and green energy are human rights, and they’re not. But everyone in America, and I do mean everyone, should have the right to order an Egg McMuffin with Cheese at 8 o’clock at night. I don’t say this often, but good job Joe Biden.”