Biden greenlights new “Shoot to Maim” policy for police

UNITED STATES - Presidential candidate Joe Biden once again proved his leadership and influence by unveiling a new police reform policy. The initiative, dubbed, “Shoot to Maim” encourages police officer to use de-escalation tactics like stun guns, and shooting people in the legs before resorting to deadly force.

“Shoot to Maim” outlines three tiers of force and when to use them. The first tier, “Gentle Coercion” is for routine police encounters and includes asking criminals to politely drop their weapons and turn themselves in. If this does not work, police may proceed to the second tier of force, “Non-lethal Tactics”. This tier allows officers to use a range of non-lethal force including tasers, pepper spray, baseball bats, brass knuckles, bean-bag bullets, and certain strains of mustard gas. It also allows officer to shoot criminals in the legs, arms, groin, or ears.

Local police departments have been quick to adopt the new policy and have seen impressive results. Dale Andrews, a beat cop from Huntsville, Alabama, recalled a recent arrest where he used the new tactics. “This petty thief didn’t drop his stolen goods, so I kneecapped him with my standard issue de-escalation baseball bat. Well, he went down for a little while, but he was still fighting, so I tased him and shot him in the elbow and from there were able to get the cuffs on him. They had to amputate his arm I heard, but if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, right?”