Bad Lip Reading to just air debate unedited

The Internet - Bad Lip Reading has opted to just air the first 2020 presidential debate unedited as opposed to their normal method of actually poorly dubbing over videos with random funny word tapestries.

“We don’t think fans will notice," an anonymous lip-reader stated. Makers of the instant classics “Seagulls (Stop It Now)," “Bushes of Love," and the absolute banger “Carl Poppa," B.L.R. continues to corner the market on, well, bad lip readings. 

“They did the work for us on this one. We could never do better than the absolute jumble of words they produced. The hardest part was picking which parts to use. So we didn’t.  It was honestly all comedy gold.”

Even at an hour and a half, the video is currently tracking as their most-viewed. Viewer comments have raved at how high-quality the dubs are:


“It’s like you guys didn’t even do voiceovers! Amazing!”

“That Trump voice is spot-on. And I don’t even know what Chris Wallace normally sounds like, but that voice was hilarious!”

Time will tell if anyone actually picks up on the fact that the video was unedited, but don’t worry, Snopes is on the case!