Apple unveils new “iBubble” to filter out differing opinions

CUPERTINO, Calif. - Apple hit another home run this weekend, The Penguin has learned. At a virtual unveiling, CEO Tim Cook unveils the newest line or Apple products including another new iPhone and a redesigned iPod Shuffle. The star of the show though, was the brand new iBubble.

"The iBubble will allow Apple users to filter out any differing opinions," said Cook, "With a sound attenuation of over 62dB, the iBubble is by far the most advanced foam earplug on the market."

The iBubble is the first of a new line of Aurally Implanted Devices (AIDs) that Apple plans to produce. The visionary Tim Cook, sees this as the new future of Apple. “Here at Apple, we envision every person on every block having AIDs within the next decade,” he said.

Apple plans to integrate the new line by releasing a wifi-enabled iBubble next year. The iBubble 2 will connect to all nearby iPhones and warn the user when someone with a differing opinion is nearby.

The iBubble is set to release this November. They will retail for $169.99.