AOC Graciously Offers To Pay People For Not Working

Washington, DC - New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez feels that Americans who choose not to work during this time of crisis should be taken care of. It goes without saying, of course, that if she feels so strongly about it, she is obviously willing to foot the bill herself.

      During her lucrative career as a public servant, Ms. Cortez has amassed a small fortune. Her net worth of $100,000 may not sound like enough to make a real dent, but she is forecasted to become a millionaire by the time she is forty. It only makes sense that she would give back to the people who made her rich, but this gesture was unexpected.

      “This is why I voted for her again,” said one excited constituent. “She’s always looking out for us. I’ve been out of work since I quit. And some people don’t realize it, but it’s hard to make any money without a job. I’m just glad we have someone like her on our side.”

      At the time of reporting, Representative Cortez was sitting in her seat staring with her mouth open, no doubt left speechless by her own generosity.