Antifa Answers


I got too high and missed the rally in DC last weekend, but I still really want to punch a Trump supporter. When will I get my next opportunity to punch a Nazi?


Still a little Dazed in D.C.


Don’t worry, if you missed last weekend’s rally, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to punch a Nazi fascist Donald Trump loving pig! Anywhere Republicans gather is a great place to start harassing or assaulting these evil people. I suggest you check out your local auto shop, truck stop, or any location where normal, hardworking blue-collar Americans gather. Most Trump supporters have jobs, so pretty much any workplace is guaranteed to have a few Nazis working there.

If you are really having trouble, just go to a church. Only Republicans are foolish enough to believe in God instead of worshipping at the worldly idols of drugs, money, and a responsibility free hedonistic lifestyle promised by modern leftism. Happy punching!