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I work at a laundromat near a planned protest. Should I still burn it down even if I’ll lose my job?




The real issue here isn’t whether you should burn down the laundromat or not. The issue is why you are working in the first place. As a laborer, you are providing all of the value for the laundromat. Whatever work your boss put in to start the business by securing the capital, buying the machines, hiring the employees, keeping the records, and growing the customer base is of no value. YOU are the only productive part of that business, so who cares if you lose your job because you burn it down for a good cause. Your employer sure doesn’t. To him, you’re totally replaceable. So take to the streets and help tear down the ruling class! The government will take care of your bills when your job is gone. Plus, I have a little extra money from the slush fund George Soros, I mean an anonymous donor, gifted me. I'll send you some.

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