Amy Coney Barrett runs an underground cockfighting ring… allegedly

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

WASHINGTON D.C. - Trump’s newest Supreme Court nominee has already come under fire after only a few short days of scrutiny. Amy Coney Barrett has found herself in hot water after anonymous sources leaked that she runs an underground cockfighting ring out of her backyard. The allegations throw a wrench in the Republican narrative that Judge Barrett is an upstanding citizen of respectable moral character. After all, how can she call herself a good Catholic when she keeps roosters and kills them for sport? Our sources paint an opposite picture of the nominee, one of darkness and moral corruption.

One source said he attended a cockfight at the judge’s house just three weeks ago. He claimed the judge lost $6,500 after one of her favorite roosters was killed by a smaller, but more agile opponent. “Judge Barrett was furious after the loss. She went into the pen and punted the winning bird into the wall while screaming” the source stated.

Another source corroborated the story, adding that the judge also runs a brothel out of her guest bedroom and traffics heroin to finance the cockfighting ring and her gambling addiction. A third source, who alleged that Judge Barrett deals meth to children, agreed saying, “I personally saw her injecting steroids into one of the roosters before sticking the needle in her own bicep and screaming to her bookie about how she was ‘so [expletive] amped to repeal Roe v Wade and oppress women for the next 100 years.”

All of our sources chose to remain anonymous.