Amazon releases Echo Chamber just in time for Christmas

SEATTLE, Wash. - Amazon has truly outdone itself this holiday season. The new Amazon Echo Chamber integrates all of Amazon's Alexa technology into every aspect of your life. By connecting to all your home's smart devices, the Echo Chamber effectively displays only the information you want to hear, while defending your home and your life against damaging information and opposing viewpoints.

Users of the Echo Chamber can simply say, "Alexa, show me the news" and CNN will stream to every screen in the house. But the Echo Chamber does much more than that. For example, if a user says, "Show me Fox News," the Echo Chamber turns on Fox News Channel, but cuts out right before Tucker Carlson comes on to prevent the spread of harmful misinformation.

Kitty Hamilton, a spokesperson from Amazon explained some additional features, "The Echo Chamber is always listening and is designed to ensure everything our customers hear is 100% true," she said. "That's why we built in a real-time fact-checking program. You can try it out by saying something like, 'Biden stole the 2020 election.' Echo Chamber will interrupt immediately and say, 'I think you mean, Trump stole the 2016 election.'"

Users of the Echo Chamber are also able make their own "virtual echo chambers." These chambers can be taken with them to work or school on their devices using Amazon's cloud technology. Some have pointed out that schools are already echo chambers, but Amazon insists their product filters different opinions "even better than an Ivy League University gender studies class."

The Echo Chamber costs only $129.99 and your first amendment rights. On sale today at