Adorable scamp tuckered out after long day

WILMINGTON, Del. - Democratic Presidential Candidate and adorable scamp, Joe Biden, appeared positively tuckered out over Zoom last night where he gave a prepared statement in the lead up to the election. His statement was only a few minutes long and obviously not written by him, but he looked so cute giving it.

He started energetically, but quickly grew tired. Only a few minutes into the statement, sleepy Joe yawned loudly. As the drowsy candidate stumbled through the statement with heavy eyes, his wife Jill could be heard in the kitchen in the background. Joe must have been really really tired from such a long day of campaigning in his basement. Near the end of the statement, Jill handed him a glass of milk and patted him on the head.

Mr. Biden finished his speech and signed off, but in an adorable accident, he forgot to turn the camera off. Viewers across the globe watched as the sleepy head yawned and stretched his arms. “Golly, Jill, I think I’m ready for bed,” the former Vice President declared. “I’m sure you are, honey,” she responded, “but you have to brush your teeth first.”